Tips To Arrange a Public Screening of Adult Human Female

• Match your venue with your likely numbers for the screening. For small numbers, try
a function room in a pub.

• Make sure your venue has screening facilities. If you are screening the film from online, then make sure the WiFi is working well.

• When looking for a venue you might want to discuss dates before telling them what the film is about. It is important to tell the venue at some stage prior to booking in case they do get some harassment from TRAs. Get confirmation in writing that the venue understands what the content of the film is, so they cannot later claim they did not know.

• Decide how public you want to advertise the screening. It could be just among friends. It could be just advertised among Facebook networks. If you go to Twitter then this is very public and you will need to think about security.

• EventBrite has de-listed screenings of Adult Human Female in the past, so either use an alternative, such as Ticket Tailor, or keep downloading your contact info in case EventBrite de-list the event.

• Do not publicise the location of the venue until the day of the screening, just give a rough location (e.g. city centre) until then.

• Let us know on Twitter about the screening. We may be able to be there for a Q&A or Zoom in.

• We also have some further security tips to suggest.